The picture from the mid seventies shows a young man, avoiding school and selling guitars instead. I spent three years of my youth working at "Halkans music", simply the first and the best vintage guitar dealer in Sweden. Mr Jan Hallquist, the owner and founder, is still around and kickin`. I`we been away from the music business since the eighties, but you never forget your first love. Today I find my walls getting to small for my guitars and the fact that closets are made for clothes makes the choice to start selling vintage guitars obvious.

My simple philosophy is to keep a guitar as true to its own history as possible. Every instrument is a unique object and modifications are evidence of time that adds personality and mojo. As an example, in the seventies, the paint was often taken off trying to bring the guitar closer to nature. Everything natural was preferable. In the eighties most of those guitars were refinished back to its "original" custom colors. In some way it`s sad to rub off the hard earned stains of time in seconds.

I`m trying to avoid numeric descriptions of the instruments condition and let the hard evidence in the pictures speak for itself. Feel welcome to email me with questions and/or request for more pictures. Mean Mojo guitars is a business run on spare time, so please keep in mind replies may take a day or two.



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I´m offering 48 hour approval on all guitars. If you for any reason don´t feel happy with the instrument, return it and get a full refund upon safe arrival. You only pay for the shipping both ways.








We ship worldvide. Instruments are always shipped fully insured.
International payment by bank wire transfer. Detailed info will be given upon invoice.
Inside Sweden by bankgiro: 375-5162



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